Charles Mock Introduction
Defining Surgical Role Models and Their Influence on Career Choice
Surgical Simulation Tasks Challenge Visual Working Memory and Visual-Spatial Ability Differently
Prediction of Anastomotic Leak and its Prognosis in Digestive Surgery
Clinical, Ultrasonographic, and Pathologic Characteristics of Patients with Chronic Right-lower-quadrant Abdominal Pain that May Benefit from Appendectomy
Changing Incidence of Acute Appendicitis and Nonspecific Abdominal Pain Between 1987 and 2007 in Finland
Medical Student Surgery Elective in Rural Haiti: A Novel Approach to Satisfying Clerkship Requirements While Providing Surgical Care to an Underserved Population
Emergency Surgical Care Delivery in Post-earthquake Haiti: Partners in Health and Zanmi Lasante Experience
Expanding Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy to Rural Mongolia
Promoting Major Pediatric Surgical Care in a Low-Income Country: A 4-Year Experience in Eritrea
Prognosis of Patients with Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Showing Postoperative Recurrence to the Central Neck
Influence of Intraoperative Neuromonitoring on Surgeons' Technique During Thyroidectomy
Is Robotic Surgery Superior to Endoscopic and Open Surgeries in Thyroid Cancer?
Setting the Bar for Laparoscopic Resection of Sporadic Insulinoma
Is There Any Benefit to Incorporating a Laparoscopic Procedure into Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy? The Impact on Perioperative Results in Patients with Esophageal Cancer
Treatment Outcome and Prognosis of Patients with Lymph Node Recurrence of Thoracic Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma After Curative Resection
Effects of Glutamine on Gastrointestinal Motor Activity in Patients following Gastric Surgery
Changes in the Localization of Perforated Peptic Ulcer and its Relation to Gender and Age of the Patients throughout the Last 45 Years
Clipless Cholecystectomy: Which Sealer Should be Used?
“Clipless” Cholecystectomy: Evolution Marches On, Even for Lap Chole
Percutaneous Drainage versus Emergency Cholecystectomy for the Treatment of Acute Cholecystitis in Critically Ill Patients: Does it Matter?
Selection Criteria for Hepatectomy in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma Classified as Child-Pugh Class B
Comparison of Major Hepatectomy Performed Under Intermittent Pringle Maneuver Versus Continuous Pringle Maneuver Coupled with In Situ Hypothermic Perfusion
Preoperative Biliary MRSA Infection in Patients Undergoing Hepatobiliary Resection with Cholangiojejunostomy: Incidence, Antibiotic Treatment, and Surgical Outcome
A Comparison of Prognosis between Patients with Hepatitis B and C Virus-related Hepatocellular Carcinoma Undergoing Resection Surgery
Preoperative Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio (NLR) is Associated with Reduced Disease-free Survival Following Curative Resection of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma
Evaluation of Current Devices in Single-Incision Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery: A Preliminary Experience in 32 Consecutive Cases
Symptomatic Venous Thromboembolism in Asian Colorectal Cancer Surgery Patients
Prognostic Role of Carcinoembryonic Antigen is Influenced by Microsatellite Instability Genotype and Stage in Locally Advanced Colorectal Cancers
Diffusion-weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Detecting Lymph Node Metastasis of Rectal Cancer
Mucosal Advancement Flap Anoplasty for Chronic Anal Fissure Resistant to Conservative Therapy
Endarterectomy of the Aneurysm Sac in Open Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair Reduces Perigraft Seroma and Improves Graft Incorporation
Predictive Factors of Complications After Surgical Repair of Iatrogenic Femoral Pseudoaneurysms
Pressure at the Bowel Surface during Topical Negative Pressure Therapy of the Open Abdomen: An Experimental Study in a Porcine Model
A Time-Saving Technique for Specimen Extraction in Sleeve Gastrectomy
A Time-Saving Technique for Specimen Extraction in Sleeve Gastrectomy: Reply
Simultaneous Resection of Primary Colorectal Cancer and Synchronous Liver Metastases
Short and Long Term Outcomes After Simultaneous Resection of Colorectal Malignancies and Synchronous Liver Metastases: Reply
Surgical Flow Disruption: Measurement and Impact of Stressful Events in the Operating Room
A Systemic Analysis of Disruptions in the Operating Room: Reply
Is Entirely Conservative Management a Correct Strategy for Hemodynamically Stable Patient with a Grade IV Blunt Pancreatic Injury?
“Upstream” Chronic Pancreatitis: An Unusual Sequela of Pancreatic Trauma: Reply
Foley Catheter Enterostomy for Postoperative Bowel Perforation: an Effective Source Control
T-tube Enterostomy Versus Foley Catheter Enterostomy: Techniques for Different Situations: Reply
Erratum to: Long-Term Outcome of Rives-Stoppa Technique in Complex Ventral Incisional Hernia Repair