Continent Urinary Diversion and the Heal Cecal Pouch with Appendostomy: A Review with Nursing Care

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Creation of a continent urinary reservoir has become the procedure of choice when the bladder Is removed for either malignant or nonmallgnant disease. The continent urinary reservoir provides the patient with a manageable and socially acceptable bladder replacement. It Is Important for the ET nurse to have a basic understanding of the surgical principles of continent urinary diversion, Including the antlreflux and continence mechanism, and segment of bowel used. Such an understanding facilitates competent patient care and appropriate Instruction, both before and after operation. The basic principles of continent urinary diversion are discussed In this article, along with a brief description of the most common continent urinary reservoirs. In addition, a recent form of urinary diversion, the lleocecal pouch with appendostomy, Is described, and relevant preoperatlve and postoperative care Is outlined

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