A Pilot Study Assessing the Effectiveness of a Glycerin Suppository in Controlled Colostomy Emptying

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The focus of this research was to explore another way for the patient to manage their colostomy. It was hoped that by inserting a glycerin suppository into the colostomy one would be able to evacuate the lower large intestine more effectively and efficiently.OBJECTIVETo determine if persons with a sigmoid colostomy could obtain fecal continence by instituting a daily self-administered bowel-stimulating suppository.DESIGNRandomized crossover comparative study comparing usual ostomy emptying practice with emptying with a glycerine suppository to stimulate controlled emptying.SETTING AND SUBJECTSAdult males and females with a sigmoid colostomy were studied in their homes.INSTRUMENTSThe instruments included a profile questionnaire, a take-home diary, crossover and end-of-study questionnaires, and an exit questionnaire.METHODSSubjects were randomized to their usual pouching method or to the experimental suppository method for 14 days each.RESULTSThere was no difference in fecal output, fecal volume, or flatus between the 2 groups. The action of the suppository was affected by its failure to remain in the bowel for an adequate amount of time.CONCLUSIONFurther research is needed to determine if an adjunct device/method to hold the suppository in place would produce successful results.

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