Context for WOC Practice
Be Aware of Compassion Fatigue
Are Silver Products Safe and Effective for Chronic Wound Management?
Analyzing Focus Group Interviews
Relative Delivery Efficiency and Convenience of Spray and Ointment Formulations of Papain/Urea/Chlorophyllin Enzymatic Wound Therapies
When Trauma Means a Stoma
When Trauma Means a Stoma
Quality of Life and Coping of Persons With Temporary and Permanent Stomas
Development of Methods for Skin Barrier Peeling Tests
The Experience of Flatus Incontinence From a Bowel Ostomy
Perioperative Factors That Affect Long-Term Adjustment to an Incontinent Ostomy
Privacy for Defecation and Fecal Incontinence in Older Adults
Wet Colostomy and Peristomal Skin Breakdown