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CCI Call for Proposals
Management of the Patient With a Fecal Ostomy
Wound Care in Diabetic Patients
Wound Care in Diabetic Patients
Measurement and Instrument Design
Effects of a Just-in-Time Educational Intervention Placed on Wound Dressing Packages
Surgical Reconstruction of Pressure Ulcer Defects
Factors Associated With Pressure Ulcers in Patients in a Surgical Intensive Care Unit
Bibliometric Analysis of Pressure Ulcer Research
Community-Acquired Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
Palliative Wound Care
Palliative Wound Care
Quality of Life for Patients Living With Ostomies
Concerns and Quality of Life Before Surgery and During the Recovery Period in Patients With Rectal Cancer and an Ostomy
High Volume Output From a Jejunostomy
Age Differences in Patients Evaluated for Constipation
Diet and Eating Pattern Modifications Used by Community-Living Adults to Manage Their Fecal Incontinence
Continence Certification
Techniques for Preventing and Managing Tube-Related Complications
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