Successful Treatment of Venous Stasis Ulcers With Combination Compression Therapy and Pulsed Radio Frequency Energy in a Patient Scheduled for Amputation

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BACKGROUND:Venous ulcers are a frequent complication of chronic venous insufficiency. Compression therapy remains the mainstay of conservative treatment, as many patients are not candidates for surgical intervention.CASE:A 78-year-old man was referred to our Preservation-Amputation Care and Treatment for management of 3 venous stasis ulcers on the front of the left lower leg. Multiple comorbid conditions and his generally poor health rendered him a poor candidate for surgical reperfusion In addition, his right leg was amputated approximately 3 years before, and he was nonweight bearing on the remaining left leg. In order to heal these venous stasis ulcers and preserve his limb, Mr A underwent treatment with a combination of compression therapy and pulsed radio frequency energy.CONCLUSION:Compression therapy plus pulsed radio frequency energy led to healing of his venous leg ulcers and avoided amputation of the affected limb. This treatment is currently being evaluated in other patients with chronic venous insufficiency and ulceration.

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