Context for Practice
Perineal Colostomy May Be the Solution of Phantom Rectum Syndrome Following Abdominoperineal Resection for Rectal Cancer
Response to Letter to the Editor Re
An Overview of Instruments for Wound and Skin Assessment and Healing
Predictive Capacity of Risk Assessment Scales and Clinical Judgment for Pressure Ulcers
Use of a Powered Coverlet for Moisture Removal, Skin Temperature Reduction, Odor, and Bacteria Control
Randomized Comparison of a Silicone Tape and a Paper Tape for Gentleness in Healthy Children
Construct Validation of an Interactive Digital Algorithm for Ostomy Care
A View From Here
Executive Summary
Prevalence of Constipation in the General Adult Population
Self-reported Fecal Incontinence in a Community-Dwelling, Urban Population in Southern Brazil
Using Concept Mapping to Prepare for the Foot Care Certification Examination
Braden Scale Cumulative Score Versus Subscale Scores
WOCN®-Accredited Professional Education Programs
Prevalence of Constipation in the General Adult Population