Use of Collagen Extracellular Matrix Dressing for the Treatment of a Recurrent Venous Ulcer in a 52-Year-Old Patient

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This case study describes treatment for a 52-year-old man with a recurrent venous leg ulcer using a collagen dressing with extracellular matrix.


The patient was admitted to the wound care service for a 3-week-old recurrent venous ulcer. Treatment included application of a collagen dressing with extracellular matrix twice weekly or as needed by the patient; application of a secondary dressing (4 × 4 gauze); and coverage with an expandable netting or gauze using a conforming stretch gauze bandage and latex-free dressing retention tape.


The initial venous leg ulcer in this patient required 10 weeks to achieve closure. Ninety-eight percent resolution of the recurrent ulcer had occurred within 4 weeks of treatment, with complete closure at 7 weeks. The average healing time for recurrent venous ulcers is reported in the literature to be longer than initial venous ulcers. In the case provided, collagen ECM dressings promoted complete wound healing in 49 days.

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