Self-efficacy and Associated Factors in Patients With Temporary Ostomies: A Cross-sectional Survey

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PURPOSE:To examine stoma self-efficacy (SE) and its association with health-related quality of life (HRQOL) and social support in patients with temporary ostomies.SUBJECTS AND SETTING:Convenience sampling was used to recruit 150 patients from 5 hospitals in Guangdong province, China, who had been living with a temporary ostomy for at least 1 month.DESIGN:Cross-sectional survey.METHODS:Respondents completed a questionnaire that included ostomy-related sociodemographic and clinical data, and Chinese language versions of several validated instruments, the Stoma Self-efficacy Scale (C-SSES), City of Hope-Quality of Life-Ostomy Questionnaire (C-COH-QOL-OQ), and Perceived Social Support Scale (C-PSSS).RESULTS:Of the 150 questionnaires distributed, 122 (81.3%) were returned, and 111 (74%) had sufficiently complete responses to be included in the final analysis. The average score from the C-SSES was 78.55 ± 14.72 (mean ± standard deviation) for total stoma SE; 85.6% of respondents showed low or moderate self-efficacy related to ostomy care. The scores from the C-SSES were 39.36 ± 7.72 for stoma care SE and 23.33 ± 6.69 for social SE. Stoma care SE was significantly associated with HRQOL domains, psychological well-being (B = 2.09, P < .01), social well-being (B = 1.16, P < .05), significant other support (B = 1.19, P < .01), and friend support (B = 0.72, P < .01). Social SE was associated with education level (B = 2.84, P < .01), HRQOL domains, psychological well-being (B = 1.88, P < .01), social well-being (B = 1.17, P < .01), and family support (B = 0.48, P < .01).CONCLUSIONS:Persons with temporary ostomies reported low or moderate levels of SE, suggesting the need to focus on HRQOL aspects of psychological and social well-being, as well as social support. We hypothesize that interaction with other ostomy patients, especially those with long-term enterostomy experience or those trained through ostomy organizations, may improve stoma SE.

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