Differences in Ostomy Pouch Seal Leakage Occurrences Between North American and European Residents

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PURPOSE:The purpose of this study was to compare experiences and concerns about pouch seal leakage between persons with ostomies residing in North America (Canada and the United States) and Europe (United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France, and Italy). Differences in reported pouch wear time and accessories used between the 2 groups were also examined.DESIGN:Secondary analysis of data from a cross-sectional study (Ostomy Life Study).SUBJECTS AND SETTINGS:Responses from persons residing in European countries (n = 1939) were compared with responses of 1387 individuals residing in North American countries.METHODS:Persons with an ostomy completed a questionnaire that focused on 4 topics related to the daily use of an ostomy pouching system (pouch seal leakage, ballooning, appearance of pouching system such as color and size of the pouch and whether it is discrete under clothing, and coupling failure of 2-piece pouching systems). Pouch seal leakage was defined as stomal effluent seeping between the skin and the wafer of the ostomy pouching system. Statistical analysis was performed using a proportional odds model including various variable effects. Special attention was given to frequency of pouch seal leakage occurrences. All tests were 2-sided; P values ≤.05 were deemed statistically significant.RESULTS:Participants living in the North American countries indicated they were more likely to experience leakage from the ostomy (odds ratio = 2.610, 95% CI 2.187-3.115; P < .0001). Findings also indicated they were more likely to worry about pouch seal leakage than those in the European countries' data set (odds ratio = 2.722, 95% CI 2.283-3.246; P < .0001). Participants residing in the North American countries had significantly longer wear times than those participants in the European countries (P < .0001, χ2 test). The use of accessories was associated with a longer pouching system wear time.CONCLUSION:Study results suggest that participants from the North American countries indicated significantly more experience with and worries about leakage and longer wear time than the participants from the European population. Additional research is needed to determine the reasons for these differences.

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