Pressure Injuries Among Hospitalized Patients With Cancer: Prevalence and Use of Preventive Interventions

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PURPOSE:The purpose of this study was to measure the prevalence of pressure injuries (PIs) in hospitalized patients with cancer.DESIGN:Multicenter, cross-sectional prevalence survey.SUBJECTS AND SETTING:The sample comprised 110 adults with cancer; their mean age was 50.65 years (SD: 17.32); and more than half were females (n = 60, 54.5%). The study setting was 5 hospitals in Jordan.METHODS:A prevalence survey was conducted using methods recommended by the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel. Data collection included skin assessment, PI risk, and preventive measures.RESULTS:The prevalence of PIs was 15.5% (n = 17); it was 7.3% (n = 8) when grade/category I PIs were excluded. Heel PIs were the most frequent (n = 11; 64.7%) and most PIs were grade I (n = 9; 52.9%). Only 26.9% of at-risk patients received appropriate preventive interventions.CONCLUSIONS:Study findings support the need to prioritize PI prevention in patients with cancer. Additional research is needed to add to the knowledge base regarding PIs within vulnerable groups such as individuals with cancer.

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