Festschrift for T. K. Hunt, MD
December 6, 2003 Welcome to the symposium to honor Thomas K. Hunt, MD
A father of wound science
Increased healing of the disrupted wound—A myth or simply enhanced angiogenesis following wounding? Personal discussions with Tom Hunt from the 1960s to the present
Effect of tension on flap perfusion
From scarless fetal wounds to keloids
Arginine physiology and its implication for wound healing
Development of subcutaneous wound oxygen measurement in humans
The general case for redox control of wound repair
Role of ADP-ribosylation in wound repair. The contributions of Thomas K. Hunt, MD
Oxygen and the regulation of gene expression in wounds
Organization of wound healing services
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy of diabetic foot ulcers, transcutaneous oxymetry in clinical decision making
Supplemental perioperative oxygen and fluids to improve surgical wound outcomes
Role of Smad3 in the hormonal modulation of in vivo wound healing responses
HoxD3 expression and collagen synthesis in diabetic fibroblasts
Role for gap junctional intercellular communications in wound repair
Excessive neutrophils characterize chronic pressure ulcers
Use of hypoxia-inducible factor signal transduction pathway to measure O2 levels and modulate growth factor pathways
Lactate and oxygen constitute a fundamental regulatory mechanism in wound healing