Signalling in the control of inflammation and tissue repair
From bench to bedside
Inflammatory ulcers
Consensus leading to evidence based guidelines
Who needs the lab on a chip for wound healing?
Beyond evidence-based guidelines
Collaborative working enhances wound care practice in tnp technology
The end of the affair
Fibroblasts are not equal in front of wound healing
Cell-matrix interactions and scar formation. Does the scar microenvironment sustain the scar status?
In vitro evaluation of a fibroblast seeded Collagen/Elastin matrix (Matriderm) — implication for in vivo use
Cross-linking affects performance of collagen scaffolds in dermal repair
Preliminary evaluation of a double-layered skin construct in a porcine full-thickness wound model
Raising standards in orthopaedic wound care — a prospective, comparative evaluation of a modern dressing design
Characterisation of biofilms on epithelial surfaces by confocal microscopy
A new antimicrobial enzyme system for the control of wound bioburden
Cadaveric donor skin
Characterisation of biofilms within medical devices
Analysis of extracellular matrix proteins during wound healing processes
The placenta growth factor in wound repair
The impact of proteases on wound angiogenesis
Systemic transplantation of progenitor cells accelerates wound epithelialization and neovascularization in the hairless mouse ear wound model
Identifying a Gene signature for the wound healing continuum
Lympho-hematopoietic stem cells and their ageing
The ROS connection in ageing and tissue repair
Cellular senescence and tissue homeostasis
Ageing in clinically relevant settings of tissue repair
An in vitro fetal wound model
A search for embryonic effector molecules for a skin construct by exon array analysis of developing skin
Myofibroblasts in the liver
The myofibroblast — friend or foe in regenerative medicine?
Alpha — smooth muscle actin (aSMA) expression in foetal skin fibroblasts
Controlled mechanical stimulation of skin cell proliferation in vivo
The role of αv β6 integrin in diabetic wound healing in mice
Bioengineered tendon
A NOSF (Nano-Oligosaccharide Factor) lipido-colloid dressing inhibits MMPs in an in vitro dermal equivalent model
Complications in the venous system in patients with diabetes
Posttraumatic osteomyelitis
Novel lipase activity detected in induced Lucilia sericata excretions/secretions
The use of acellular, radiation-sterilized amniotic membrane increases healing rate of hard-to-treat chronic venous leg ulcers
A novel vitronectin
Controlling sprouting angiogenesis — a tale of leaders and followers
The meaning of skin injuries and their surgical reconstruction
A 15 year landscape on culturing skin cells for burns patients
Development of a novel dermal substitute based on glycerinised allograft
Characterization of the engraftment of autologous keratinocytes cultured on hyaluronan scaffolds on deep burns
Update on clinical wound care and burn treatment
Effect of different therapies on inflammation, itch and nerve regeneration in a porcine scald wound model
Biodegradable poly-n-acetyl glucosamine (pglcnac) nanofibers enhance wound healing by activating cell migration, angiogenesis and cell proliferation
New therapeutic approach in the treatment of severe radiation burn
Cell regeneration therapy as an adjunct to healing in recalcitrant wounds
Deep venous incompetence in patients with diabetes mellitus
Intensive treatment of wounds in lower limb amputation surgery can save a leg!
Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) for hard to heal ulcers in patients with diabetic feet
A comparative study of the influence of different pressure levels combined with various wound dressings on negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) driven wound healing
Correlation of physical properties and dressing design
LASER stimulation on fibroblasts WI-26 based on photodynamic processes
BITECIC (Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Centre of Industrial Collaboration) — A collaborative approach for creative partnerships
The effects of nicorandil on wound healing (case series)
A prospective trial of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) as a continuous non-invasive method of flap monitoring following breast reconstruction
Wound diagnostics
Development of a novel growth factor formulation to maintain serum-free and feeder cell-free culture of human embryonic stem cells
Exploring the application of ultrasound technology in pressure ulcer prevention — an international multidisciplinary team study
The effect of topical analgesics on human keratinocyte and fibroblast behaviour
Guidelines for the treatment of wounds
Guidelines to aid healing of acute wounds by decreasing impediments of healing
Autologous platelet-rich fibrin matrix as cell therapy in the healing of chronic lower-extremity ulcers
Pilot study using doxycycline-releasing stents to ameliorate postoperative healing quality after sinus surgery
Hedgehog signaling is essential for normal wound healing
Conservative surgical debridement as a burn treatment
A poly-herbal formulation accelerates normal and impaired diabetic wound healing
S163 is critical for FXYD5 modulation of wound healing in airway epithelial cells
Antibacterial effect of dressings containing multivalent silver ion carried by zirconium phosphate on experimental rat burn wounds
In vitro multispecies Lubbock chronic wound biofilm model
Localization of small leucine-rich proteoglycans and transforming growth factor-β in human oral mucosal wound healing