Wound healing essentials
Microcirculation in mixed arterial/venous ulcers and the surrounding skin
Aging influences wound healing in patients with chronic lower extremity wounds treated in a specialized wound care center
Delayed reepithelialization and basement membrane regeneration after wounding in mice lacking CXCR3
Effect of estrogen and progesterone on macrophage activation during wound healing
Characterizing omental adhesions by culturing cells isolated from a novel in vivo adhesion model
Prostaglandin E1 prevents liver failure after excessive hepatectomy in the rat by up-regulating Cyclin C, Cyclin D1, and Bclxl
Tyrosine phosphorylation of EGF-R and PDGF-R proteins during acute cutaneous wound healing process in mice
Extracorporeal shock wave treatment modulates skin fibroblast recruitment and leukocyte infiltration for enhancing extended skin-flap survival
Prostaglandin E2 differentially regulates contraction and structural reorganization of anchored collagen gels by human adult and fetal dermal fibroblasts
Emblica officinalis exerts wound healing action through up-regulation of collagen and extracellular signal-regulated kinases (ERK1/2)
Impaired cutaneous wound healing in mice lacking tetranectin
Depth of penetration of negative pressure wound therapy into underlying tissues
FGF-10 and specific structural elements of dermatan sulfate size and sulfation promote maximal keratinocyte migration and cellular proliferation
A novel cell-adhesive scaffold material for delivering keratinocytes reduces granulation tissue in dermal wounds
Tissue engineering a model for the human ear
Impacts of peripheral blood and bone marrow aspirate derived platelet rich plasma on the wound healing in chronic ischémie limb
Polarized light emitting diode (LED) irradiation increases fibroblast proliferation and accelerates wound healing
The effect of 1% PVP-I solution for experimentally heavily colonized wounds
Deliberation of the concentration of basic fibroblast growth factor impregnated into collagen/gelatin sponges
Effect of epidermal growth factor on enhancing fibroblast proliferation
Effects of cyclosporin a on extracellular matrix metabolism by human dermal fibroblasts
The relationship between hemidesmosomes and focal contacts in motile keratinocytes
Development and evaluation of matrix for autologous cultured dermal substitute acceptable for simultaneous transplantation with auto-skin graft
Fragmin/protamine micro particles as a carrier for protection of FGF-2 biological activity and controlled release tool of FGF-2 for neovascularization in vivo
Aggregation and neovascularization effect of adipose tissue-derived stromal cells with fragmin/protamine microparticles
Fractional photo thermolysis for the treatment of post operative cleft lip scar
Contribution of quorum sensing to the development of biofilm and virulence of pseudomonas aeruginosa in rat wound infection
The strategies for the leg skin ulcer due to vascular disorder using the evaluation of skin perfusion pressure
The effect of aspartyl proteinase from Candida albicans in duodenal ulcer induced by cysteamine in rats
The clinical characteristics and future problems of the treatment of pressure ulcers in patients with type II diabetes mellitus
Treatment of osteomyelitis underlying pressure ulcers
The treatment of infected pressure ulcers with osteomyelitis
New material for wrap therapy thin teflon film with small hole
Reconsideration of povidon-iodine-sugar
Bacterial infection in patients with foot ulcers
Prevention of surgical site infection following gastric surgery - focus on incisional SSI
Results of SSI surveillance at our institute
Treatment for nail bed defects using artificial dermis and B-FGF
The effectiveness of a contrived way of using fiber products to treat wounds
Surgical site infection in patients with radical cystectomy
The effect of photo-crosslinkable chitosan hydrogel containing medium on full-thickness skin defects after deep dermal burn
Analysis of the effect of early treatment for postoperative scar to prevent keloid
Evaluation of risk factors for effect of therapy in keloid and hypertrophie scar
Skin regeneration using skin derived precursors in mice
New acellular scalp dermis to make ex-vivo produced skin equivalent with hair follicles
Accelerating wound healing and improving scar quality by mesenchymal stem cells
Fibroblast growth factor-2 stimulates adipogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells
The molecular biological approach on chronic wound management and strategy for skin regeneration
Development of wound dressing composed of hyaluronic acid sponge with epidermal growth factor
Basic FGF induces CASPASE-3 activation and apoptosis in dermal fibroblasts pretreated with TGF-βl in vitro
Effect of acupuncture on lower limb ischemia
Outcomes of patients with CLI (critical limbs ischemia) and chronic leg ulcers treated without revascularization
Assessment and treatment of diabetic foot ulcer based on skin perfusion pressure
Clinical comparison study of foot ulcers among diabetic mellitus, spina bifida, and Hansen's disease
Adipose-derived stem cells for wound repair and regeneration