A systematic review of the performance of instruments designed to measure the dimensions of pressure ulcers
Increased in vitro differentiation of fibrocytes from keloid patients is inhibited by serum amyloid P
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Hyaluronic acid derivatives and their healing effect on burns, epithelial surgical wounds, and chronic wounds: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
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Nonviral human beta defensin-3 expression in a bioengineered human skin tissue: A therapeutic alternative for infected wounds
Topical insulin application improves healing by regulating the wound inflammatory response
Rosiglitazone modulates the behaviors of diabetic host-derived fibroblasts in a carboxymethyllysine-modified collagen model
Inherited thrombophilia in patients with chronic and recurrent venous leg ulceration
Reviewer Acknowledgment List January to December 2011 for Wound Repair and Regeneration