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Integrative analysis of miRNA and mRNA paired expression profiling of primary fibroblast derived from diabetic foot ulcers reveals multiple impaired cellular functions
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes wound repair in ischemic and hyperglycemic conditions, increasing tissue perfusion and collagen deposition
Short‐term treatment of equine wounds with orf virus IL‐10 and VEGF‐E dampens inflammation and promotes repair processes without accelerating closure
Oral administration of antioxidants improves skin wound healing in diabetic mice
The fractionation of adipose tissue procedure to obtain stromal vascular fractions for regenerative purposes
Mice engrafted with human hematopoietic stem cells support a human myeloid cell inflammatory response in vivo
Effects of low‐frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields on plateau frostbite healing in rats
Determining the appropriate number and duration of leech therapy in congested tissues using tissue spectrophotometry and laser Doppler flowmetry
Biodegradable and plasma‐treated electrospun scaffolds coated with recombinant Olfactomedin‐like 3 for accelerating wound healing and tissue regeneration
Serum soluble urokinase‐type plasminogen activator receptor as a serum marker of inflammatory response that leads to tissue damage and surgical complication
Cost‐effectiveness of negative pressure wound therapy in patients with many comorbidities and severe wounds of various etiology
Depressive symptoms in patients with wounds : A cross‐sectional study
Topical oxygen therapy results in complete wound healing in diabetic foot ulcers
The emerging role of microdialysis in diabetic patients undergoing amputation for limb ischemia
The effect of adjunctive noncontact low frequency ultrasound on deep tissue pressure injury
An ex vivo porcine skin model to evaluate pressure‐reducing devices of different mechanical properties used for pressure ulcer prevention
Titanium wound chambers for wound healing research
45th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Wound Healing : Tokyo, Japan November 30–December 1, 2015
Joint meeting of the Australasian Wound and Tissue Repair Society (AWTRS) and the Molecular & Experimental Pathology Society of Australasia (MEPSA) : Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia November 7–9, 2016