Evidence-Based Practice: Iranian Nurses' Perceptions

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During the past 2 decades, evidence-based practice has increasingly been proven as a means of standard and higher-quality health care. Nurses who base their practices on scientific evidence bring their clients and organization better and more cost-effective nursing care. However, little is known about Iranian nurses' perceptions of evidence-based practice.


The present study was conducted to evaluate Iranian nurses' perceptions of evidence-based practice.


A qualitative study was conducted on 21 participants from different groups of nurses at Kashan University of Medical Sciences. Semi-structured interviews were used to gather data. Content analysis was used to analyze the data according to the Cheevakumjorn's method.


Two main categories, the concept of “evidence-based nursing” and “nature and the source of evidence,” emerged from the data. The participants used the term “standard care” as a synonym for evidence-based practice. According to the participants, the nurses implement evidence-based practice care for clients based on their professional knowledge and the patient's needs. The participants believed “caring evidence” includes five different types of knowledge: “knowledge of patient,” “knowledge of the environment,” “learned (academic) knowledge,” “practice-based knowledge,” and “research-based knowledge.” However, participants stated that, currently, the nursing practice is not based on scientific evidence.


Nurses have a positive attitude concerning the use of scientific evidence to guide practice, but this evidence has little application in their current nursing practice.


Nurses need support from both the organizational management and the educational system to help them apply evidence in practice.

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