Effects of renal diseases on the regulation and expression of renal and hepatic drug-metabolizing enzymes
Comparison of the metabolism of ethylene glycol and glycolic acid in vitro by precision-cut tissue slices from female rat, rabbit and human liver
Optimizing bacterial expression of catalytically active human cytochromes P450
Oxidative one-carbon cleavage of the octyl side chain of olanexidine, a novel antimicrobial agent, in dog liver microsomes
NMR and QSAR studies on the transacylation reactivity of model 1β-O-acyl glucuronides. I
High-throughput screening for the assessment of time-dependent inhibitions of new drug candidates on recombinant CYP2D6 and CYP3A4 using a single concentration method
Disposition of a novel and potent αvβ3 antagonist in animals, and extrapolation to man