Identification of Porcine Membrane Antigens Involved in the Cytotoxic Response Mediated by Human Xenoreactive Antibodies
Effects of Collagenase Concentration on the Purity and Viability of Isolated Porcine Pancreatic Islets for use in Xenotransplantation Studies
Recognition of an Octapeptide Sequence by Multiple Galα(1,3)Gal-binding Proteins
Aggregation of Human Platelets Induced by Porcine Endothelial Cells is Dependent upon Both Activation of Complement and Thrombin Generation
Antibodies to Human Adhesion Molecules and their Ligands: Cross-species Reactivity and Potential Application in Xenotransplantation
Inhibition of Platelet GPIIbIIa in an ex vivo Model of Hyperacute Xenograft Rejection does not Prolong Cardiac Survival Time