Acute vascular rejection
Extracorporeal ("ex vivo") connection of pig kidneys to humans. III. Studies of plasma complement activation and complement deposition in the kidney tissue
High-level co-expression of complement regulators on vascular endothelium in transgenic mice: CD55 and CD59 provide greater protection from human complement-mediated injury than CD59 alone
Adult and neonatal anti-Gal response in knock-out mice for α1,3galactosyltransferase
Comparative histopathology of hepatic allografts and xenografts in the nonhuman primate
Requirement of CD4 cells for induction and maintenance of unresponsiveness in islet xenografted mice
Cyclophosphamide, but not CTLA4Ig, prolongs survival of fetal pig islet grafts in anti-T cell monoclonal antibody-treated NOD mice
Survival of fetal porcine pancreatic islet tissue transplanted to a diabetic patient: Findings by ultrastructural immunocytochemistry
Literature update 1998, Part 1