Human-porcine receptor-ligand compatibility within the immune system: relevance for xenotransplantation
Major carbohydrate epitopes in tissues of domestic and African wild animals of potential interest for xenotransplantation research
Failure of anti-Forssman antibodies to induce rejection of mouse heart xenografts
IgY antiporcine endothelial cell antibodies effectively block human antiporcine xenoantibody binding
IgG, but not IgM, mediates hyperacute rejection in hepatic xenografting
Role of UW solution and sodium nitroprusside in reperfusion of liver xenografts from guinea-pig to rat
Cross-species reactivity of a panel of antibodies with monkey and porcine tissue
The distribution of porcine pancreatic beta-cells at ages 5, 12 and 24 weeks
Immunomodulation of fetal pig islet-like cell clusters by gamma-irradiation
Intrathymic inoculation of donor antigen: an ineffective strategy for prolonging xenograft survival
Literature update 1998, part 4