The problem of anti-pig antibodies in pig-to-primate xenografting: current and novel methods of depletion and/or suppression of production of anti-pig antibodies
Differential galactose α(1,3) galactose expression by porcine cardiac vascular endothelium
Quantitation and characterization of anti-Galα1-3Gal antibodies in sera of 200 healthy persons
Different responses of human anti-HLA and anti-αgal antibody to long-term intravenous immunoglobulin therapy
Impact of immunoadsorption on xenogeneic extracorporeal pig liver perfusion: assessment of organ function during autologous reperfusion
Hearts from transgenic pigs constructed with CD59/DAF genomic clones demonstrate improved survival in primates
Characterization of a monoclonal anti-porcine CD3 antibody
Heterotopic cardiac xenotransplantation: fish-to-rat
Literature update 1999, part 1