Letter from the Editor
Xenotransplant News
Xenotransplantation and the Council of Europe
The US Public Health Service guideline for xenotransplantation: advances and limitations
Morphometric analysis of miniature swine hearts as potential human xenografts
Evaluation of a system for the perfusion of isolated, rodent organs
Effect of cell surface concentration of human DAF on transgenic pig aortic endothelial cells on the degree of protection afforded against human complement deposition
Differences between synthetic oligosaccharide immunoabsorbents in depletion capacity for xenoreactive anti-Galα1-3Gal antibodies from human serum
In vitro prevention of cell-mediated xenograft rejection via the Fas/FasL-pathway in CrmA-transducted porcine kidney cells
Sensitive and specific immunological detection methods for porcine endogenous retroviruses applicable to experimental and clinical xenotransplantation
Different mechanisms mediate the rejection of porcine neurons and endothelial cells transplanted into the rat brain
Serge Voronoff