Xenotransplant News
New FDA xenotransplantation documents: a proposed rule and a draft guidance
Council of Europe Working Party on Xenotransplantation: state-of-the-art report on xenotransplantation (2000)
Effects of specific anti-B and/or anti-plasma cell immunotherapy on antibody production in baboons: depletion of CD20- and CD22-positive B cells does not result in significantly decreased production of anti-αGal antibody
Detection of xenoantibodies using a simple flow cytometric assay
A new in vitro model for the study of pig-to-human vascular hyperacute rejection
T-cell differentiation of human and non-human primate CD34+ hematopoietic progenitor cells using porcine thymic stroma
Effect in vitro and in vivo of a rat anti-CD2 monoclonal antibody (LO-CD2b) on pig-to-baboon xenogeneic cellular (T and natural killer cells) immune response
The in vitro activity and specificity of human endothelial cell-specific promoters in porcine cells
Hamster-to-rat bone marrow xenotransplantation and humoral graft vs. host disease