Lymphocytes proliferative responses between PBLC from human and inbred pig (Banna Mini-pig inbred-line)

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Abstract 414
Introduction Acute vascular rejection (AVR), acute cellular rejection (ACR) and chronic rejection (CR) will occur after hyperacute rejection (HAR) has been overcome in xenotransplantation. The proliferative response of human lymphocytes against pig antigens may provide some information of ACR and CR. Since Banna Mini-pig Inbred-line (BMI) is a highly inbred pig (F16) and is likely to be hopeful donors for pig to human xenotransplantation, it is important to investigate its xenoantigenacity by mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR).
Materials and methods Peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBLC) from Banna Mini-pig Inbred-line (BMI) and humam with A, B and AB blood types were used as stimulators and responders, respectively. One-way mixed lymphocyte reactions (MLR) were performed following routine methods.
Results and discussion As shown in the Table, proliferation of human PBLC with blood types A, AB and B could be stimulated by PBLC of BMI. Compared with stimulation of BMI PBLC to that of human with blood type AB (hAB) and B (hB), PBLC of human with blood type A (hA) exhibited much stronger proliferative response. This result indicated that the proliferative responses of different human PBLC to the same pig PBLC are different. The result also suggested that MHC and ABO blood type screening and mapping are still necessary before perform pig to human xenotransplantation.
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