Letter from the Editor
Xenotransplant News
Tolerization of Galα1,3Gal-reactive B cells in pre-sensitized α1,3-galactosyltransferase-deficient mice by nonmyeloablative induction of mixed chimerism
Hamster cardiac xenografts are protected against antibody mediated damage, early after transplantation to Lewis rats
Pre-transplant blood transfusion induces tolerance to hamster cardiac xenografts in athymic nude rats
Human thrombin and FXa mediate porcine endothelial cell activation; modulation by expression of TFPI-CD4 and hirudin-CD4 fusion proteins
C1-Inhibitor for treatment of acute vascular xenograft rejection in cynomolgus recipients of h-DAF transgenic porcine kidneys
Continued production of xenoimmune antibodies 6-8 years after clinical transplantation of fetal pig islet-like cell-clusters
Contrast in the efficacy of hDAF mouse hearts between ex vivo perfusion and transplantation into primates
Maturation of xenoantibody gene expression during the humoral immune response of rats to hamster xenografts
Suppression of T cells results in long-term survival of mouse heart xenografts in C6-deficient rats
Porcine endogenous retroviruses (PERVs): Generation of specific antibodies, development of an immunoperoxidase assay (IPA) and inhibition by AZT