Adult porcine islet transplantation in baboons treated with conventional immunosuppression or a non-myeloablative regimen and CD154 blockade
Neonatal porcine pancreatic cell clusters as a potential source for transplantation in humans: Characterization of proliferation, apoptosis, xenoantigen expression and gene delivery with recombinant AAV
Rapid failure of pig islet transplantation in non human primates
hDAF transgenic pig livers are protected from hyperacute rejection during ex vivo perfusion with human blood
Transgenic pigs designed to express human CD59 and H-transferase to avoid humoral xenograft rejection
Human adrenocortical cell xenotransplantation: Model of cotransplantation of human adrenocortical cells and 3T3 cells in scid mice to form vascularized functional tissue and prevent adrenal insufficiency
Simultaneous inhibition of B7 and LFA-1 signaling prevents rejection of discordant neural xenografts in mice lacking CD40L