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The cellular rejection of xenografts – recent insights
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Are anti-endothelial cell antibodies a pre-requisite for the acute vascular rejection of xenografts?1
Fetal porcine thymus engraftment, survival and CD4 reconstitution in αGal-KO mice is impaired in the presence of high levels of antibodies against αGal1
Immune parameters relevant to neural xenograft survival in the primate brain
Exploiting virus stealth technology for xenotransplantation
Xenogeneic milieu markedly remodels endocrine cell populations after transplantation of fish islets into streptozotocin-diabetic nude mice
Pre-transplant analysis of accommodation in donor pigs
Xenotransplantation public perceptions
An exploratory investigation of the effect of arsenic trioxide on anti-Gal antibody production in baboons
An investigation of the specificity of induced anti-pig antibodies in baboons
Future Strategies for Tissue and Organ Replacement.