Letter from the Editors
Xenotransplant News
January–October, 2003
In vitro studies regarding the feasibility of bovine erythrocyte xenotransfusion
Initial investigation of the potential of modified porcine erythrocytes for transfusion in primates
Absence of humoral and cellular alloreactivity in baboons sensitized to pig antigens
Blockade of indirect recognition mediated by CD4+ T cells leads to prolonged cardiac xenograft survival
Human Fas-ligand expression on porcine endothelial cells does not protect against xenogeneic natural killer cytotoxicity*
Enhanced expression of glutathione peroxidase protects islet β cells from hypoxia-reoxygenation
Complement regulatory proteins are expressed at low levels in embryonic human, wild type and transgenic porcine neural tissue
Relative effects of GAL+ and GALlow/− porcine hematopoietic cells on primate platelet aggregation and endothelial cell activation
In vitro and in vivo investigation of a novel monoclonal antibody to plasma cells (W5 mAb)
Control of microbial contamination during surgical harvest of pig renal xenografts
Isolation and partial characterization of Galα-containing polyglycosylceramides from porcine tissues
Galα1,3Gal expression on porcine pancreatic islets, testis, spleen, and thymus
Human O red blood cells and pig-to-human xenotransplantation