Xenotransplant News
Tort liability of xenotransplantation centers
Different patterns of TCR β chain regulation following allo- and xeno-transplantation
Fate of αGal +/+ pancreatic islet grafts after transplantation into αGal knockout mice
Anti-pig antibody levels in non-human primates of various origin
No transmission of porcine endogenous retrovirus after transplantation of adult porcine islets into diabetic nude mice and immunosuppressed rats
MyD88-dependent toll-like receptor signalling is not a requirement for fetal islet xenograft rejection in mice
Initial experience with the human anti-human CD154 monoclonal antibody, ABI793, in pig-to-baboon xenotransplantation
Bone marrow transplantation from α1,3-galactosyltransferase gene-knockout pigs in baboons
To the core of porcine matter
Human anti-A and anti-B antibodies interact with anti-αGal antibody affecting xenograft survival
Increased apoptosis in porcine cardiac xenografts perfused with human ABO plasma containing the anti-antibody
Potential target molecules on pig kidneys recognized by naïve and elicited baboon antibodies
Letter to the Editor
Xenotransplantation Literature Update March–April, 2004