Xenotransplant News
Xenografting – the future of transplantation, and always will be?
A novel role for lectins in xenotransplantation
Evidence of macrophage receptors capable of direct recognition of xenogeneic epitopes without opsonization
The effect of soluble complement receptor type 1 on acute humoral xenograft rejection in hDAF-transgenic pig-to-primate life-supporting kidney xenografts
O-Linked glycosylation and functional incompatibility of porcine von Willebrand factor for human platelet GPIb receptors
Human tonsil implants xenotransplanted in SCID mice display broad lymphocytic diversity and cellular activation profile similar to those in the original lymphoid organ
Expression of carbohydrate xenoantigens on porcine peripheral nerve
Early weaning of piglets fails to exclude porcine lymphotropic herpesvirus
Pre-transplant blood transfusion and cyclosporin A induce long-term hamster cardiac xenograft survival in immunocompetent rats
Reference values for clinical chemistry and clinical hematology parameters in cynomolgus monkeys
Xenotransplantation Literature Update September–October 2004
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