Congress of the International Xenotransplantation Association, September, 2005
Xenotransplant News
Draft reports for public comment from the US Secretary's Advisory Committee on Xenotransplantation
“Homologous restriction” in complement lysis
Comparison of select innate immune mechanisms of fish and mammals
Reducing Gal expression on the pig organ – a retrospective review
No evidence of in vitro and in vivo porcine endogenous retrovirus infection after plasmapheresis through the AMC-bioartificial liver
Post-transplant upregulation of chemokine messenger RNA in non-human primate recipients of intraportal pig islet xenografts
Characterization of the swine major histocompatibility complex alleles at eight loci in Westran pigs
Genetic and functional evaluation of the level of inbreeding of the Westran pig
Method for evaluating quality of cultured neonatal pig Sertoli cells
Single nucleotide polymorphisms of the prion protein gene (PRNP) in Chinese pig breeds
Effect of long-term culture on the expression of antigens and adhesion molecule in single porcine pancreatic endocrine cells
Xenotransplantation Literature Update March–April, 2005