Clinical trial of islet xenotransplantation in Mexico
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The annual report for 2005
Members and guests at the Chairman's Dinner
Tony d'Apice (President) and Carl Groth (Honored Member)
Liver support technology – an update
ABO-incompatible allotransplantation as a basis for clinical xenotransplantation
Antibodies directed to pig non-Gal antigens in naïve and sensitized baboons
NK-cell-dependent acute xenograft rejection in the mouse heart-to-rat model
Xenotransplantation of purified pre-natal porcine beta cells in mice normalizes diabetes when a short anti-CD4–CD8 antibody treatment is combined with transient insulin injections
Compatibility of porcine and human interleukin 2
Effect of tandem forms of DAF(CD55) on complement-mediated xenogeneic cell lysis
Recognition of a carbohydrate xenoepitope by human NKRP1A (CD161)
Hospital personnel faced with organ xenotransplantation
A study of the xenoantigenicity of neonatal porcine islet-like cell clusters (NPCC) and the efficiency of adenovirus-mediated DAF (CD55) expression
Pancreas storage in oxygenated perfluorodecalin does not restore post-transplant function of isolated pig islets pre-damaged by warm ischemia
Amino acid sequence of the Pekingese dog prion protein gene
Xenotransplantation Literature Update May–June 2006