Robert (Bob) Zhen Zhong 1946–2006
Tribute to Robert Zhong MD
Compiled by Transplant News * and the Editorial Office of Xenotransplantation
Coagulation and the xenograft endothelium
Lack of evidence for PERV expression after apoptosis-mediated horizontal gene transfer between porcine and human cells
Induction of regulatory cells and control of cellular but not vascular rejection by costimulation blockade in hamster-to-rat heart xenotransplantation
Coagulation cascade activation triggers early failure of pig hearts expressing human complement regulatory genes
Chemokine and toll-like receptor signaling in macrophage mediated islet xenograft rejection
Influence of strain and age differences on the yields of porcine islet isolation
Relation between human decay-accelerating factor (hDAF) expression in pig cells and inhibition of human serum anti-pig cytotoxicity
Isolation outcome and functional characteristics of young and adult pig pancreatic islets for transplantation studies
Xenotransplantation literature update September–October 2006
The Miami results on porcine islet-Sertoli cell xenotransplantation
Response to Valdes-Gonzalez “Clinical trial of islet xenotransplantation in Mexico”
Evolution of xenoantibodies, after their depletion, in a non-immunosuppressed baboon
Rene Kuss's clinical experience with pig kidney transplantation in 1966