Compiled by Transplant News * and the Editorial Office of Xenotransplantation
“Xenotransplantation”—Publisher's Report, 2006
A personal account of the earliest attempts to define the coagulopathy associated with hyperacute xenograft rejection
Rapid loss of intraportally transplanted islets
Characterization and expansion of baboon CD4+CD25+ Treg cells for potential use in a non-human primate xenotransplantation model
No evidence of PERV infection in healthcare workers exposed to transgenic porcine liver extracorporeal support
Effect of various immunosuppressive monotherapies on survival and histopathology of monkey islet xenografts in rats
Soluble Galα(1,3)Gal conjugate combined with hDAF preserves morphology and improves function of cardiac xenografts
Delayed functional maturation of neonatal porcine islets in recipients under strict glycemic control
Production of homozygous α-1,3-galactosyltransferase knockout pigs by breeding and somatic cell nuclear transfer
National policies for xenotransplantation in the USA*
Satellite Symposium held in conjunction with the World Transplant Congress, Boston, 2006
The proactive role of the WHO
Screening of source animals and clinical monitoring for xenotransplantation
Animal husbandry for xenotransplantation
Informed consent in clinical research
Ethical issues in xenotransplantation research with children
Community and public participation in the risk assessment of experimental clinical trials
A pilot trial with pig-to-man islet transplantation at the 3rd Xiang-Ya Hospital of the Central South University in Changsha
Towards developing guidelines on xenotransplantation in China
Xenotransplantation literature update March–April, 2007
Reprogramming of adult stem cells
Aims and status of the DFG-transregio research unit xenotransplantation
Allogenic organ transplantation in Germany in 2007
Current status of xenotransplantation research in the USA
Islet xenotransplantation – concepts, challenges, and chances
Xenogeneic islet transplantation
Regulatory aspects of xenotransplantation
Production and characterization of pigs transgenic for human thrombomodulin
Strategies to prevent human anti-pig cellular immune responses
Strategies to overcome cellular rejection of pig-to-primate xenografts – the next steps
Magnetofection-enhanced lentiviral mediated gene transfer to cardiac cells in a heterotopic heart transplantation model
Tolerance induction in clinically relevant transplant models – immune monitoring and therapeutic optimisation
Cellular interaction and retrotransposition of porcine endogenous retrovirus
Transmission of porcine endogenous retroviruses (PERVs)