Xenotransplant News
Weak response of porcine C5a receptor towards human C5a in miniature pig endothelial cells and PMNs
Inhibition of the membrane attack complex of complement for induction of accommodation in the hamster-to-rat heart transplant model
Acute exposure to streptozotocin but not human proinflammatory cytokines impairs neonatal porcine islet insulin secretion in vitro but not in vivo
Long-term engraftment following transplantation of pig pancreatic primordia into non-immunosuppressed diabetic rhesus macaques
WZS-pig is a potential donor alternative in corneal xenotransplantation
Galα(1-3)Gal expression of the cornea in vitro, in vivo and in xenotransplantation
Systemic immune modulation using chemokine receptor 7 expressing porcine Sertoli cells
Normal human serum contains high levels of anti-Galα1-4GlcNAc antibodies
HMGB1 release in co-cultures of porcine endothelial and human T cells
Xenotransplantation literature update May–August, 2007