Xenotransplant News
Honorary Membership of International Xenotransplantation Association Conferred Upon Professor Ian F C McKenzie (September 18, 2007)
Correction of diabetes in primates by macroencapsulated pig islets
40 years of heart transplantation and the DFG-Transregio Research Group Xenotransplantation
Cardiac regeneration by intramyocardial stem cell therapy
Nonviral gene transfer for cancer gene therapy
Impact of the German tissue act on xenotransplantation
The regulation of xenotransplantation in Germany and in the European Union
Production and characterization of pigs transgenic for human hemeoxygenase-I by somatic nuclear transfer
Establishment of genetically modified pig animal models for xenotransplantation
Coagulation in xenotransplantation
Virus and host factors in pathogenesis
Emerging infectious diseases and xenotransplantation
Recent advances using stem cell-derived cardiac and vascular cells for cardiomyoplasty
Selective rejection of porcine islet xenografts by macrophages
High antigen levels do not preclude B-cell tolerance induction to α1,3-Gal via mixed chimerism
Porcine cells express more than one functional ligand for the human lymphocyte activating receptor NKG2D
Prolonged survival of pig islets xenograft by adenovirus-mediated expression of either the membrane-bound human FasL or the human decoy Fas antigen gene
Xenotransplantation literature update May–August, 2008