Compiled by Dr. Michael E. Breimer, Transplant News Section Editor, and Transplant News *
The potential of genetically-modified pig mesenchymal stromal cells in xenotransplantation
Can human viruses infect porcine xenografts?
Complement regulation in the GalT KO era
Potential value of human thrombomodulin and DAF expression for coagulation control in pig-to-human xenotransplantation
Surgical angiogenesis: a new approach to maintain osseous viability in xenotransplantation
Structural characterization of α1,3-galactosyltransferase knockout pig heart and kidney glycolipids and their reactivity with human and baboon antibodies
Survey of glycoantigens in cells from α1-3galactosyltransferase knockout pig using a lectin microarray
Impaired spinal cord remyelination by long-term cultured adult porcine olfactory ensheathing cells correlates with altered in vitro phenotypic properties
Enrichment of xenograft-competent genetically modified pig cells using a targeted toxin, isolectin BS-I-B4 conjugate