Recent Favorable Developments
Compiled by Dr. Michael E. Breimer, Transplant News Section Editor *
Program and Abstracts
Aims and status of the German DFG - Transregio Research Group Xenotransplantation
Islet cell xenotransplantation
Quality criteria for porcine islet cells suitable for xenotransplantation
Cell therapeutic strategies to improve pig islet graft survival after xenotransplantation
Generation and characterization of pigs transgenic for human hemeoxygenase-1 (hHO-1)
Recent advances in production of genetically modified pigs for xenotransplantation
Transgenic strategies to overcome cell-mediated and acute vascular rejection of pig-to-human xenografts
Engineering pigs for xenotransplantation
Viral gene transfer for xenotransplantation
Cardiospecific expression of AAV vectors
AAV based gene delivery to myocardium in rodents and pigs
Immunological consequences of cross-species infection of porcine endothelial cells with human cytomegalovirus
Negative costimulation to prevent human anti-pig T cell responses
Xenogeneic orthotopic heart transplantation
Gene array studies in orthotopic pig to baboon cardiac xenotransplantation
Role of complement regulatory protein expression and CD154 blockade in Gal-independent xenograft rejection
Porcine pathogens and xenotransplantation
Cellular interaction of functional porcine endogenous retrovirus
Recombinant porcine endogenous retroviruses (PERV-A/C)
Foxp3 regulates human natural CD4+CD25+ regulatory T-cell-mediated suppression of xenogeneic response
Insulin secretion and glucose metabolism in alpha 1,3-galactosyltransferase knock-out pigs compared to wild-type pigs
Complement depletion with cobra venom factor delays acute cell-mediated rejection in pig-to-mouse corneal xenotransplantation
Prolonged survival of GalT-KO swine skin on baboons
Discrimination between cells of murine and human origin in xenotransplants by species specific genomic in situ hybridization
Survival and function of CD47-deficient thymic grafts in mice
Xenotransplantation literature update