Genetic engineering including superseding microinjection: new waysto make GM pigs
On the need for porcine embryonic stem cells to produce Gal KO pigs expressing multiple transgenes to advance xenotransplantation research
Morphological changes of porcine islets of Langerhans after collagenase and HBSS infusion of the pancreas
Multivisceral xenotransplantation–does it have a future?
Endoscopic features in a model of multivisceral xenotransplantation
Long life with or without PERV
Long-term absence of porcine endogenous retrovirus infection in chronically immunosuppressed patients after treatment with the porcine cell–based Academic Medical Center bioartificial liver
Deficiency of N -glycolylneuraminic acid and Galα1-3Galβ1-4GlcNAc epitopes in xenogeneic cells attenuates cytotoxicity of human natural antibodies
Beta-5 Score to evaluate pig islet graft function in a primate pre-clinical model
Combination of antibodies inhibits accelerated rejection mediated by memory T cells in xenoantigen-primed mice
Isolation, density purification, and in vitro culture maintenance of functional caprine islets of Langerhans as an alternative islet source for diabetes study
Xenotransplantation literature update June – October 2010