Protease inhibitor nafamostat mesilate attenuates complement activation and improves function of xenografts in a discordant lung perfusion model
Thrombocytopenia after pig-to-baboon liver xenotransplantation: where do platelets go?
Species incompatibilities in the pig-to-macaque islet xenotransplant model affect transplant outcome: a comparison with allotransplantation
Protection of porcine endothelial cells against apoptosis with interleukin-4
Transgenic expression of human heme oxygenase-1 in pigs confers resistance against xenograft rejection during ex vivo perfusion of porcine kidneys
Islet isolation from adult designated pathogen-free pigs: use of the newer bovine nervous tissue–free enzymes and a revised donor selection strategy would improve the islet graft function
Transplantation of human cells in the peritoneal cavity of immunodeficient mice for rapid assays of hepatitis B virus replication
Pre-clinical model of composite foetal pig pancreas fragment/renal xenotransplantation to treat renal failure and diabetes
Xenotransplantation literature update, July–October 2011