Experimental hepatocyte xenotransplantation—a comprehensive review of the literature
Successful xenotransplantation with re-aggregated and encapsulated neonatal pig liver cells for treatment of mice with acute liver failure
Human thrombomodulin regulates complement activation as well as the coagulation cascade in xeno-immune response
Long-term stability, functional competence, and safety of microencapsulated specific pathogen-free neonatal porcine Sertoli cells: a potential product for cell transplant therapy
Effect of TNF-alpha blockade on coagulopathy and endothelial cell activation in xenoperfused porcine kidneys
IL-4 and IL-13 induce protection from complement and melittin in endothelial cells despite initial loss of cytoplasmic proteins: membrane resealing impairs quantifying cytotoxicity with the lactate dehydrogenase permeability assay
Pig kidney graft survival in a baboon for 136 days: longest life-supporting organ graft survival to date
Early graft failure of GalTKO pig organs in baboons is reduced by expression of a human complement pathway-regulatory protein
In vitro exposure of pig neonatal isletlike cell clusters to human blood
Xenotransplantation literature update, May–June 2015