Elimination of porcine endogenous retroviruses from pig cells
Clonidine inhibits anti-non-Gal IgM xenoantibody elicited in multiple pig-to-primate models
Pre-clinical heterotopic intrathoracic heart xenotransplantation: a possibly useful clinical technique
Engraftment and reversal of diabetes after intramuscular transplantation of neonatal porcine islet-like clusters
Rapid hepatic perfusion decellularization: technique and critique
A pig-to-mouse coronary artery transplantation model for investigating the pathogenicity of anti-pig antibody
Rat-to-Chinese tree shrew heart transplantation is a novel small animal model to study non-Gal-mediated discordant xenograft humoral rejection
The level of acceptance of spanish medical students of the transplantation of solid organs from animals: a stratified and multicentre study
Transgenic expression of human CD46: does it reduce the primate T-cell response to pig endothelial cells?
Xenotransplantation literature update, September—October 2015