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A cure for Type 2 diabetes?
Xenograft of microencapsulated Sertoli cells restores glucose homeostasis in db/db mice with spontaneous diabetes mellitus
Microbiological safety of clinical xenotransplantation products : monitoring strategies and regulatory aspects. A commentary
A comprehensive microbiological safety approach for agarose encapsulated porcine islets intended for clinical trials
Porcine endothelium induces DNA–histone complex formation in human whole blood : a harmful effect of histone on coagulation and endothelial activation
Induction, management, and complications of streptozotocin‐induced diabetes mellitus in rhesus monkeys
Human anti‐pig NK cell and CD8+ T‐cell responses in the presence of regulatory dendritic cells
Extended microbiological characterization of Göttingen minipigs : porcine cytomegalovirus and other viruses
Xenotransplantation literature update, September–October 2016