Hemodynamic and perioperative management in two different preclinical pig‐to‐baboon cardiac xenotransplantation models
Testing of microencapsulated porcine hepatocytes in a new model of fulminant liver failure in baboons
Anti‐CD40 antibody‐mediated costimulation blockade promotes long‐term survival of deep‐lamellar porcine corneal grafts in non‐human primates
D‐dimer level, in association with humoral responses, negatively correlates with survival of porcine islet grafts in non‐human primates with immunosuppression
Xenotransplantation literature update, March/April 2017
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Generation of chimeric minipigs by aggregating 4‐ to 8‐cell‐stage blastomeres from somatic cell nuclear transfer with the tracing of enhanced green fluorescent protein
The potentiating effect of hTFPI in the presence of hCD47 reduces the cytotoxicity of human macrophages
Improvement of isolated caprine islet survival and functionality in vitro by enhancing of PDX1 gene expression
Sensitive methods and improved screening strategies are needed for the detection of pig viruses