APA Resource Document: I. The Professional Responsibilities of Psychiatrists in Evolving Health Care Systems
The Economic Impact of Psychotherapy: A Review
Designing a Comprehensive Care Program for High-cost Clients in a Managed Care Environment
Shortening Length of Stay Without Increasing Recidivism on a University-affiliated Inpatient Unit
A Pharmacoeconomic Model of Outpatient Antipsychotic Therapy in "Revolving Door" Schizophrenic Patients
Enrollment Duration, Service Use, and Costs of Care for Severely Mentally Ill Members of a Health Maintenance Organization
Medical Costs Attributed to Depression Among Patients With a History of High Medical Expenses in a Health Maintenance Organization
Characteristics of Managed Care Patients in a Psychiatric Emergency Service
The Massachusetts Medicaid Carve-Out: Managing Care in the Public Sector
Managing the Whole System of Care
Creating Incentives for the Delivery of Services
Mental Health Expenditures for Services for People With Severe Mental Illnesses
The Cost of Treatment of Psychiatric Emergencies: A Comparison of Hospital and Community Services
Day Hospital/Crisis Respite Care Versus Inpatient Care, Part I: Clinical Outcomes
Day Hospital/Crisis Respite Care Versus Inpatient Care, Part II: Service Utilization and Costs
Cost-effectiveness Evaluation of Three Approaches to Case Management for Homeless Mentally Ill Clients
A Cross-sectional Study of Private Psychiatric Practices Under a Single-payer Health Care System
Mental Disorders in Public, Private Nonprofit, and Proprietary General Hospitals
Differences in the Use of Psychiatric Outpatient Services Between the United States and Ontario
An Integrated Regional Emergency Psychiatry Service
Team for the Assessment of Psychiatric Services (TAPS) Project 33: Prospective Follow-up Study of Long-stay Patients Discharged From Two Psychiatric Hospitals
Effects of Mental Health Services Reform on Clinical Practice in the United Kingdom
Mental Health Reform in Georgia, 1992 to 1996
Sunny Hospital Rooms Expedite Recovery From Severe and Refractory Depressions
Trends in State and County Mental Hospitals in the U.S. From 1970 to 1992
The State of the State Mental Hospital in 1996
The Evolving Role of the State Hospital in the Care and Treatment of Older Adults: State Trends, 1984 to 1993
The Benefits of Psychiatric Hospitalization for Older Nursing Home Residents
A Two-Year Follow-up on the Effects of a Smoking Ban in an Inpatient Psychiatric Service
Predicting Readmission to the Psychiatric Hospital in a Managed Care Environment: Implications for Quality Indicators
A Home-based Program for the Treatment of Acute Psychosis
Client Outcomes in a Three-Year Controlled Study of an Integrated Service Agency Model
Mental Health, 'Burnout' and Job Satisfaction Among Hospital and Community-based Mental Health Staff
Clinicians' Judgment of Capacity of Nursing Home Patients to Give Informed Consent
Risk-adjusted Outcome Measures and Quality of Care in Nursing Homes
Mentally Disordered Women in Jail: Who Receives Services?
The Effectiveness of Outpatient Civil Commitment
A Model for Evaluating Intensive Outpatient Behavioral Health Care Programs
Predictors of Missed Appointments for Psychiatric Consultations in a Primary Care Clinic
An Experimental Comparison of Three Types of Case Management for Homeless Mentally Ill Persons
An Examination of the Relationship of Homelessness to Mental Disorder, Criminal Behaviour, and Health Care in a Pretrial Jail Population
Housing Outcomes for Homeless Adults With Mental Illness: Results From the Second-round McKinney Program
Preventing Recurrent Homelessness Among Mentally III Men: A "Critical Time" Intervention After Discharge From a Shelter
PTSD Symptoms and Comorbid Mental Disorders in Israeli War Veterans
Consistency of Memory for Combat-related Traumatic Events in Veterans of Operation Desert Storm
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Associated With Peacekeeping Duty in Somalia for U.S Military Personnel
Rape-related Psychotraumatic Syndromes
Psychiatric Sequelae of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Women
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Among Female Vietnam Veterans: A Causal Model of Etiology
Social Network Disturbances and Psychological Distress Following Earthquake Evacuation
Dissociation, Somatization, and Affect Dysregulation: The Complexity of Adaptation to Trauma
Behavioral and Neuroendocrine Responses to Sodium Lactate Infusion in Subjects With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Hippocampal Volume in Chronic, Combat-related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Event-related Potentials in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder of Combat Origin
Linking Combat and Physical Health: The Legacy of World War II in Men's Lives
Postdisaster Psychosocial Intervention: A Field Study of the Impact of Debriefing on Psychological Distress
Trauma Management Therapy: A Preliminary Evaluation of a Multicomponent Behavioral Treatment for Chronic Combat-related PTSD
Long-term Morbidity Associated With Delayed Treatment of First Admission Schizophrenic Patients: A Re-analysis of the Camarillo State Hospital Data
Mortality and Medical Comorbidity Among Psychiatric Patients: A Review
Long-term Mortality After First Psychiatric Admission
Total Mortality in People Admitted to a Psychiatric Hospital
Gender Differences in the Onset of Depression Following a Shared Life Event: A Study of Couples
Lifetime Axis I and II Comorbidity and Childhood Trauma History in Dissociative Identity Disorder
Accuracy of 3 Brief Screening Questions for Detecting Partner Violence in the Emergency Department
The Impact of Hospitalization on Clinical Assessments of Suicide Risk
Media Violence, Gun Control, and Public Policy
Using Qualitative Data to Inform Public Policy: Evaluating "Choose to De-Fuse"
Quality of Life and Self-esteem in Working and Nonworking Persons With Mental Illness
Job Preferences of Clients With Severe Psychiatric Disorders Participating in Supported Employment Programs
Adding a Vocational Focus to Mental Health Rehabilitation
Rediscovering General Psychiatry: Creation of an Academic Division
Social Distance Towards the Mentally III: Results of Representative Surveys in the Federal Republic of Germany
Issues in the Treatment of Lesbian Women and Gay Men With Chronic Mental Illness
Homesickness: A Review of the Literature
Factors Affecting Medical Students' Selection of Canadian Psychiatric Residency Programs: Part I. A Comparison With American Peers
Family Members' Ratings of the Use and Value of Mental Health Services: Results of a National NAMI Survey