Journals Represented
Once-Daily Atomoxetine Treatment for Children and Adolescents With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study
Treatment of ADHD in Children With Tics: A Randomized Controlled Trial
A Double-Blind Comparison of Desipramine and Placebo in Children and Adolescents With Chronic Tic Disorder and Comorbid Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Efficacy of the RECAP Intervention Program for Children With Concurrent Internalizing and Externalizing Problems
Risperidone in Children With Autism and Serious Behavioral Problems
Effects of Risperidone on Conduct and Disruptive Behavior Disorders in Children With Subaverage IQs
Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study of Risperidone for the Treatment of Disruptive Behaviors in Children With Subaverage Intelligence
A Double-blind, Randomized, Placebo-controlled Study of Quetiapine as Adjunctive Treatment for Adolescent Mania
Fluoxetine in Children and Adolescents With OCD: A Placebo-Controlled Trial
Fluoxetine for the Treatment of Childhood Anxiety Disorders
Metformin for Weight Loss in Pediatric Patients Taking Psychotropic Drugs
Concomitant Psychotropic Medicaton for Youths
Child Development Following Exposure to Tricyclic Antidepressants or Fluoxetine Throughout Fetal Life: A Prospective, Controlled Study
Does the Treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder With Stimulants Contribute to Drug Use/Abuse?: A 13-Year Prospective Study
A Growth Curve Analysis of Parent Training Outcomes: Examining the Influence of Child Risk Factors (Inattention, Impulsivity, and Hyperactivity Problems), Parental and Family Risk Factors
Neural Deficits in Children With Dyslexia Ameliorated by Behavioral Remediation: Evidence From Functional MRI
Joint Attention Training for Children With Autism Using Behavior Modification Procedures
A Randomized, Controlled Trial of a Community-Based Support Program for Families of Children With Chronic Illness: Pediatric Outcomes
Psychosocial Intervention for Postdisaster Trauma Symptoms in Elementary School Children: A Controlled Community Field Study
Environmental Enrichment Reverses Cognitive and Molecular Deficits Induced by Developmental Lead Exposure
Behavior Therapy and Sibutramine for the Treatment of Adolescent Obesity: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Impact of an Empowerment-based Parent Education Program on the Reduction of Youth Suicide Risk Factors
Evaluation of Indicated Suicide Risk Prevention Approaches for Potential High School Dropouts
School-Based Indicated Prevention: A Randomised Trial of Group Therapy
Comprehensiveness of Substance Use Prevention Programs in U.S. Middle Schools
Six-Year Follow-up of Preventive Interventions for Children of Divorce: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Catecholamine Response to Exercise in Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Association of ADHD and Conduct Disorder-Brain Electrical Evidence for the Existence of a Distinct Subtype
Impaired and Enhanced Attentional Function in Children With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Manic Symptoms in Young Males With ADHD Predict Functioning But Not Diagnosis After 6 Years
Progressive Loss of Cerebellar Volume in Childhood-Onset Schizophrenia
Developmental Trajectories of Brain Volume Abnormalities in Children and Adolescents With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Brain Maturation and Subtypes of Conduct Disorder: Interactive Effects on P300 Amplitude and Topography in Male Adolescents
P3 Event-Related Potential Amplitude and the Risk for Disinhibitory Disorders in Adolescent Boys
Maturation of Brain Function Associated With Response Inhibition
Early Expression of a Pathophysiological Feature of Schizophrenia: Saccadic Intrusions Into Smooth-Pursuit Eye Movements in School-Age Children Vulnerable to Schizophrenia
Parental Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders in Childhood-Onset and Adult-Onset Schizophrenia
Smaller Frontal Lobe White Matter Volumes in Depressed Adolescents
A Population-based Study of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccination and Autism
A Genomewide Scan for Loci Involved in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Fine Mapping of Autistic Disorder to Chromosome 15q11-q13 by Use of Phenotypic Subtypes
Role of Genotype in the Cycle of Violence in Maltreated Children
Relation of Shyness in Grade School Children to the Genotype for the Long Form of the Serotonin Transporter Promoter Region Polymorphism
Childhood Abuse, Neglect, and Household Dysfunction and the Risk of Illicit Drug Use: The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study
Relationships Between Bullying and Violence Among US Youth
Adverse Childhood Experiences, Alcoholic Parents, and Later Risk of Alcoholism and Depression
Violence Exposure, Trauma, and IQ and/or Reading Deficits Among Urban Children
Brain Structures in Pediatric Maltreatment-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Sociodemographically Matched Study
Parent-Child Conflict and the Comorbidity Among Childhood Externalizing Disorders
Neighborhood Disadvantage Moderates Associations of Parenting and Older Sibling Problem Attitudes and Behavior With Conduct Disorders in African American Children
Exposure to Maternal Depression and Marital Conflict: Gender Differences in Children's Later Mental Health Symptoms
Childhood Adversities, Interpersonal Difficulties, and Risk for Suicide Attempts During Late Adolescence and Early Adulthood
Syndromal Structure of Psychopathology in Children of Thailand and the United States
The Clinical Picture of Depression in Preschool Children
Deliberate Self Harm in Adolescents: Self Report Survey in Schools in England
Unmet Need for Mental Health Care Among US Children: Variation by Ethnicity and Insurance Status
Exclusions and Limitations in Children's Behavioral Health Care Coverage
Primary Care Referral of Children With Psychosocial Problems
Mechanisms Behind the Failure of Residents' Longitudinal Primary Care to Promote Disclosure and Discussion of Psychosocial Issues
Longitudinal Care Improves Disclosure of Psychosocial Information
A Randomized Controlled Study of Cognitive Therapy for Relapse Prevention for Bipolar Affective Disorder: Outcome of the First Year
A Randomized Trial on the Efficacy of Group Psychoeducation in the Prophylaxis of Recurrences in Bipolar Patients Whose Disease Is in Remission
Randomized Trial of Trauma-Focused Group Therapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Results From a Department of Veterans Affairs Cooperative Study
Tayside-Fife Clinical Trial of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Medication-Resistant Psychotic Symptoms: Results to 3-Month Follow-up
The Effectiveness of Psychodynamic Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy in the Treatment of Personality Disorders: A Meta-analysis
Habit Reversal Versus Supportive Psychotherapy for Tourette's Disorder: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Treatment of Trichotillomania With Behavioral Therapy or Fluoxetine: A Randomized, Waiting-List Controlled Study
Effects of Internet Behavioral Counseling on Weight Loss in Adults at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes: A Randomized Trial
The Effect of Peer Support on Postpartum Depression: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial
Controlled Clinical Trial of Interpersonal Psychotherapy Versus Parenting Education Program for Depressed Pregnant Women
Lithium Carbonate Versus Cognitive Therapy as Sequential Combination Treatment Strategies in Partial Responders to Antidepressant Medication: An Exploratory Trial
Effectiveness of Cognitive Therapy for Depression in a Community Mental Health Center: A Benchmarking Study
Exposure and Ritual Prevention for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Effects of Intensive Versus Twice-Weekly Sessions
A Primary Care "Friendly" Cognitive Behavioral Insomnia Therapy
A Single Session With an Earthquake Simulator for Traumatic Stress in Earthquake Survivors
The Integral Role of Pastoral Counseling by African-American Clergy in Community Mental Health
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for Women With Borderline Personality Disorder: 12-Month, Randomised Clinical Trial in The Netherlands
Group Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Depression in Rural Uganda: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Child, Parent, and Therapist (Dis)Agreement on Target Problems in Outpatient Therapy: The Therapist's Dilemma and Its Implications
Early Sudden Gains in Psychotherapy Under Routine Clinic Conditions: Practice-Based Evidence
Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Depression? Choose Horses for Courses
The Psychodynamic Formulation Updated
Use of Cognitive Therapy for Relapse Prevention in Chronic Depression: Cost-effectiveness Study
A Four-Year Study of Enhancing Outpatient Psychotherapy in Managed Care
A Functional Neuropeptide Y Leu7Pro Polymorphism Associated With Alcohol Dependence in a Large Population Sample From the United States
Alcohol and ADH2 in Israel: Ashkenazis, Sephardics, and Recent Russian Immigrants
Protective Association of Genetic Variation in Alcohol Dehydrogenase With Alcohol Dependence in Native American Mission Indians
Dose-Related Neurocognitive Effects of Marijuana Use
Escalation of Drug Use in Early-Onset Cannabis Users vs Co-twin Controls
Cannabis Dependence and Psychotic Symptoms in Young People
Self Reported Cannabis Use as a Risk Factor for Schizophrenia in Swedish Conscripts of 1969: Historical Cohort Study
Brain Maturation May Be Arrested in Chronic Cocaine Addicts
Predictors and Correlates of Suicide Attempts Over 5 Years in 1,237 Alcohol-Dependent Men and Women
An Analysis of Cue Reactivity Among Persons With and Without Schizophrenia Who Are Addicted to Cocaine
Screening for Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Disorders Among Women Patients in a VA Health Care System
Use of Substance Abuse Treatment Services by Persons With Mental Health and Substance Use Problems
A Comparison of Contingency Management and Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches During Methadone Maintenance Treatment for Cocaine Dependence
Comparing and Combining Naltrexone and Acamprosate in Relapse Prevention of Alcoholism: A Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study
Lack of Efficacy of Naltrexone in the Prevention of Alcohol Relapse: Results From a German Multicenter Study
Alcohol Prescription by Surgeons in the Prevention and Treatment of Delirium Tremens: Historic and Current Practice
A National 5-Year Follow-up of Treatment Outcomes for Cocaine Dependence
Fighting Back Against Substance Abuse: Are Community Coalitions Winning?
Self-administration of Intravenous Buprenorphine and the Buprenorphine/Naloxone Combination by Recently Detoxified Heroin Abusers
Oral Topiramate for Treatment of Alcohol Dependence: A Randomised Controlled Trial
Domestic Violence Screening and Referral Can Be Effective
"Between Me and the Computer": Increased Detection of Intimate Partner Violence Using a Computer Questionnaire
Physical and Mental Health Effects of Intimate Partner Violence for Men and Women
The Relationship Among Demographics, Reproductive Characteristics, and Intimate Partner Violence
Violent Victimization of Women and Men: Physical and Psychiatric Symptoms
Partner Violence Before and After Individually Based Alcoholism Treatment for Male Alcoholic Patients
Civil Protection Orders and Risk of Subsequent Police-Reported Violence
Occupational Effects of Stalking
The Use of Criminal Charges and Sanctions in Mental Health Courts
Recidivism and Use of Services Among Persons With Mental Illness After Release From Prison
Release Planning for Inmates With Mental Illness Compared With Those Who Have Other Chronic Illnesses
Rearrest Rates After Incarceration for DWI: A Comparative Study in a Southwestern US County
Filicidal Women: Jail or Psychiatric Ward?
Personality Disorders and Violence Among Female Prison Inmates
A Comparison of Substance Abuse Among Female Offender Subtypes
Veterans Who May Need a Payee to Prevent Misuse of Funds for Drugs
Capacity to Provide Informed Consent for Participation in Schizophrenia and HIV Research
Psychological Reactions to Terrorist Attacks: Findings From the National Study of Americans' Reactions to September 11
A Survey of New Yorkers After the Sept 11, 2001, Terrorist Attacks
Television Images and Psychological Symptoms After the September 11 Terrorist Attacks
Nationwide Longitudinal Study of Psychological Responses to September 11
Psychiatric Patients' Vulnerability in the Wake of the September 11th Terrorist Attacks
The Effects of September 11 on Traumatized Refugees: Reactivation of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Terrorism and Mental Health: Private-Sector Responses and Issues for Policy Makers
Use of Psychotropics in Two Employee Groups Directly Affected by the Events of September 11
Married Couples' Risk of Same Disease: Cross Sectional Study
Diagnostic Patterns in Latino, African American, and European American Psychiatric Patients
Inequalities in Use of Specialty Mental Health Services Among Latinos, African Americans, and Non-Latino Whites
Socioeconomic Inequalities in Depression: A Meta-analysis
Use of Psychotropic Medication in the General Population of France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom
Managerial and Environmental Factors in the Continuity of Mental Health Care Across Institutions
Psychiatric Emergency Services and the System of Care
Ethnic Matching of Clients and Clinicians and Use of Mental Health Services by Ethnic Minority Clients
Characteristics of New Clients at Self-Help and Community Mental Health Agencies in Geographic Proximity
Impact of Outpatient Commitment on Victimization of People With Severe Mental Illness
Long-term Outcome of Long-stay Psychiatric In-Patients Considered Unsuitable to Live in the Community: TAPS Project 44
Mental Disorder and Perceived Threat to the Public: People Who Do Not Return to Community Living
Factors Associated With Missed First Appointments at a Psychiatric Clinic
Predictive Models and the Effectiveness of Strategies for Improving Outpatient Follow-up Under Managed Care
Preadmission Care as a New Mental Health Performance Indicator
Lessons From the Evaluation of the ACCESS Program
Characteristics of Psychiatric Patients for Whom Financial Considerations Affect Optimal Treatment Provision
Effect of a Mental Health "Carve-Out" Program on the Continuity of Antipsychotic Therapy
A Comparison of the Performance of For-Profit and Nonprofit US Psychiatric Inpatient Care Providers Since 1980
Patient and Contextual Factors Related to the Decision to Hospitalize Patients From Emergency Psychiatric Services
Drug Use and the Risk of Major Depressive Disorder, Alcohol Dependence, and Substance Use Disorders
The Impact of Treatment-Resistant Depression on Health Care Utilization and Costs
The Prevalence and Treatment of Depression Among Patients Starting Dialysis
Internet Support Groups for Depression: A 1-Year Prospective Cohort Study
Maternal Recall Bias, Obstetric History and Schizophrenia
Medical Comorbidity and Receipt of Medical Care by Older Homeless People With Schizophrenia or Depression
Leisure Activities and the Risk of Dementia in the Elderly
Randomized Controlled Trial of Different Models of Care for Nursing Home Residents With Dementia Complicated by Depression or Psychosis
Impact of Work Therapy on Health Status Among Homeless, Substance-dependent Veterans: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Outcomes of Homeless Adults With Mental Illness in a Housing Program and in Case Management Only
The New York-New York Housing Initiative and Use of Public Shelters by Persons With Severe Mental Illness
Suicide Rate 22 Years After Parasuicide: Cohort Study
Suicide Among New York City Police Officers, 1977-1996
Differences Between Patient and Staff Perceptions of Aggression in Mental Health Units
A Hazardous Profession: War, Journalists, and Psychopathology
Comparative Efficacy, Speed, and Adverse Effects of Three PTSD Treatments: Exposure Therapy, EMDR, and Relaxation Training
Neuroimaging Findings in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Systematic Review
Medical Service Utilization by Veterans Seeking Help for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Does "Subthreshold" Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Have Any Clinical Relevance?
Sexual Dysfunction in Combat Veterans With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Traumatic Life Events and PTSD Among Women With Substance Use Disorders and Schizophrenia
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) After Heart Transplant: The Influence of Earlier Loss Experiences on Posttransplant Flashbacks
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Burned Patients
Posttraumatic Stress, Problem Drinking, and Functional Outcomes After Injury
Treating Acute Stress Disorder Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Diagnostic Overlap Between Acute Stress Disorder and PTSD in Victims of Violent Crime
Exposure to Trauma: The Long-term Effects of Suppressing Emotional Reactions
Mental Disorders and Quality of Diabetes Care in the Veterans Health Administration
Chronic Fatigue in General Practice: Economic Evaluation of Counselling Versus Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Physician Empathy: Definition, Components, Measurement, and Relationship to Gender and Specialty
Sleep Loss and Fatigue in Residency Training: A Reappraisal
Design and Reporting Modifications in Industry-sponsored Comparative Psychopharmacology Trials
Psychosocial Outcomes Following Long-term, Double-blind Treatment of Chronic Depression With Sertraline vs Placebo
Relapse of Major Depression After Complete and Partial Remission During a 2-Year Follow-up
Defining Remission by Cut Off Score on the MADRS: Selecting the Optimal Value
Estrogen Administration Does Not Reduce the Rate of Recurrence of Affective Psychosis After Childbirth
Physical Activity Reduces the Risk of Subsequent Depression for Older Adults
Depressive Symptoms Predict Medical Care Utilization in a Population-Based Sample
Primary Care Pediatricians' Roles and Perceived Responsibilities in the Identification and Management of Maternal Depression
The Acceptability of Treatment for Depression Among African-American, Hispanic, and White Primary Care Patients
Collaborative Care Management of Late-Life Depression in the Primary Care Setting: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Ischemic Basis for Deep White Matter Hyperintensities in Major Depression: A Neuropathological Study
Arterial Endothelial Function Is Impaired in Treated Depression
The Prevalence and Disability of Bipolar Spectrum Disorders in the US Population: Re-Analysis of the ECA Database Taking Into Account Subthreshold Cases
Perceptions and Impact of Bipolar Disorder: How Far Have We Really Come? Results of the National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association 2000 Survey of Individuals With Bipolar Disorder
The Long-term Natural History of the Weekly Symptomatic Status of Bipolar I Disorder
Factors Associated With Suicide Attempts in 648 Patients With Bipolar Disorder in the Stanley Foundation Bipolar Network
Duration and Stability of the Rapid-Cycling Course: A Long-term Personal Follow-up of 109 Patients
Ventricular and Periventricular Structural Volumes in First- Versus Multiple-Episode Bipolar Disorder
Anxiety Disorders in 318 Bipolar Patients: Prevalence and Impact on Illness Severity and Response to Mood Stabilizer
Anxiety Disorders and the Onset of Depression Among Adults in the Community
Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Patients With Major Depression: Is DSM-IV's Hierarchy Correct?
Undertreatment of Panic Disorder in Primary Care: Role of Patient and Physician Characteristics
Self-Reported Hay Fever and Panic Attacks in the Community
How Common Is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in a Dermatology Outpatient Clinic?
Capsulotomy for Refractory Anxiety Disorders: Long-term Follow-up of 26 Patients
Treatment of Patients With Intractable Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder With Anterior Capsular Stimulation: Case Report
Quality of Life in Social Anxiety Disorder Compared With Panic Disorder and the General Population
Major Depression in 6050 Former Drinkers: Association With Past Alcohol Dependence
Relapse Predictors of Patients With Bulimia Nervosa Who Achieved Abstinence Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Severity of Reported Childhood Sexual Abuse and Its Relationship to Severity of Borderline Psychopathology and Psychosocial Impairment Among Borderline Inpatients
The Longitudinal Course of Borderline Psychopathology: 6-Year Prospective Follow-up of the Phenomenology of Borderline Personality Disorder
Treatment of Acute Psychosis Without Neuroleptics: Two-Year Outcomes From the Soteria Project
Does Treatment Delay in First-Episode Psychosis Really Matter?
A Comparison of Guidelines for the Treatment of Schizophrenia
Pharmacy Data Identify Poorly Adherent Patients With Schizophrenia at Increased Risk for Admission
Priorities of Consumers, Providers, and Family Members in the Treatment of Schizophrenia
MRI Study of Caudate Nucleus Volume and Its Cognitive Correlates in Neuroleptic-Naive Patients With Schizotypal Personality Disorder
Left Hippocampal Volume as a Vulnerability Indicator for Schizophrenia: A Magnetic Resonance Imaging Morphometric Study of Nonpsychotic First-Degree Relatives
Fusiform Gyrus Volume Reduction in First-Episode Schizophrenia: A Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
Depression After Traumatic Brain Injury: A National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research Model Systems Multicenter Investigation
Concordance of Patient and Family Report of Neurobehavioral Symptoms at 1 Year After Traumatic Brain Injury
Psychiatric and Somatic Disorders and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) in 264 'Environmental Patients'
PET Studies of the Influences of Nicotine on Neural Systems in Cigarette Smokers
Vitamin E and Cognitive Decline in Older Persons
Searching for a Gulf War Syndrome Using Cluster Analysis
Acquired Sexual Paraphilia in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
Muscle Dysmorphia: A New Syndrome in Weightlifters
Clinical Characteristics and Associated Psychopathology of 22 Patients With Kleptomania
Stressful Life Events and Risk of Breast Cancer in 10,808 Women: A Cohort Study
Preventing Anxiety and Depression in Gynaecological Cancer: A Randomised Controlled Trial
Use of a Depression Screening Tool and a Fluoxetine-Based Algorithm to Improve the Recognition and Treatment of Depression in Cancer Patients: A Demonstration Project
Medical Disorders Among Patients Admitted to a Public-Sector Psychiatric Inpatient Unit
Neuropsychiatric Syndromes in Lupus: Prevalence Using Standardized Definitions
Childhood Adversities in Patients With Fibromyalgia and Somatoform Pain Disorder
Depression and Other Psychological Risks Following Myocardial Infarction
The Association Between Emotional Upset and Cardiac Arrhythmia During Daily Life
PET Study of [18F]6-Fluoro-L-Dopa Uptake in Neuroleptic- and Mood-Stabilizer-Naive First-Episode Nonpsychotic Mania: Effects of Treatment With Divalproex Sodium
Dopaminergic Abnormalities in Amygdaloid Nuclei in Major Depression: A Postmortem Study
Hippocampal Changes in Patients With a First Episode of Major Depression
Can't Shake That Feeling: Event-Related fMRI Assessment of Sustained Amygdala Activity in Response to Emotional Information in Depressed Individuals
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of Left Temporoparietal Cortex and Medication-Resistant Auditory Hallucinations
Differential Hippocampal Expression of Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase 65 and 67 Messenger RNA in Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia
Association of Risperidone Treatment Response With a Polymorphism in the 5-HT2A Receptor Gene
Elevated Expression of Integrin αIIb βIIIa in Drug-Naïve, First-Episode Schizophrenic Patients
Neurocognitive Correlates of the COMT Val158Met Polymorphism in Chronic Schizophrenia
Genetic Variation in the 6p22.3 Gene DTNBP1, the Human Ortholog of the Mouse Dysbindin Gene, Is Associated With Schizophrenia
Neuregulin 1 and Susceptibility to Schizophrenia
Paracingulate Morphologic Differences in Males With Established Schizophrenia: A Magnetic Resonance Imaging Morphometric Study
Temporal Lobe Volume Changes in People at High Risk of Schizophrenia With Psychotic Symptoms
Changes in Cognitive Functioning Following Comprehensive Treatment for First Episode Patients With Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders
Sensory Information Processing in Neuroleptic-Naive First-Episode Schizophrenic Patients: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
Brain Serotonin 5-HT1A Receptor Binding in Schizophrenia Measured by Positron Emission Tomography and [11C]WAY-100635
Optimizing Limbic Selective D2/D3 Receptor Occupancy by Risperidone: A [123I]-Epidepride SPET Study
Aripiprazole, a Novel Antipsychotic, Is a High-Affinity Partial Agonist at Human Dopamine D2 Receptors
Interleukin-2-Induced Increases in Climbing Behavior: Inhibition by Dopamine D-1 and D-2 Receptor Antagonists
Selective Heterologous Regulation of 5-HT1A Receptor-Stimulated [35S]GTPγS Binding in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex as a Result of 5-HT2 Receptor Activation
The Selective Neurokinin (NK)1 Antagonist, GR205,171, Stereospecifically Enhances Mesocortical Dopaminergic Transmission in the Rat: A Combined Dialysis and Electrophysiological Study
NK-1 Receptor Blockade Decreases Amphetamine-Induced Behavior and Neuropeptide mRNA Expression in the Striatum
Mice With Chronic Norepinephrine Deficiency Resemble Amphetamine-Sensitized Animals
Salvinorin A: A Potent Naturally Occurring Nonnitrogenous K Opioid Selective Agonist
The Group II Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Agonist (−)-2-Oxa-4-aminobicyclo[3.1.0]hexane-4,6-dicarboxylate (LY379268) and Clozapine Reverse Phencyclidine-Induced Behaviors in Monoamine-Depleted Rats
Requirement for Hippocampal CA3 NMDA Receptors in Associative Memory Recall
An Epigenetic Mouse Model for Molecular and Behavioral Neuropathologies Related to Schizophrenia Vulnerability
Anxiolytic- and Antidepressant-like Effects of the Non-peptide Vasopressin V1b Receptor Antagonist, SSR149415, Suggest an Innovative Approach for the Treatment of Stress-Related Disorders
Undiagnosed Hyperglycemia in Clozapine-Treated Patients With Schizophrenia
Assessment of Independent Effect of Olanzapine and Risperidone on Risk of Diabetes Among Patients With Schizophrenia: Population Based Nested Case-Control Study
Differential Effects of Risperidone, Olanzapine, Clozapine, and Conventional Antipsychotics on Type 2 Diabetes: Findings From a Large Health Plan Database
Serum Leptin and Triglyceride Levels in Patients on Treatment With Atypical Antipsychotics
The Effectiveness of Quetiapine Versus Conventional Antipsychotics in Improving Cognitive and Functional Outcomes in Standard Treatment Settings
Effect Size of Symptom Status in Withdrawal of Typical Antipsychotics and Subsequent Clozapine Treatment in Patients With Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia
Long-Acting Injectable Risperidone: Efficacy and Safety of the First Long-Acting Atypical Antipsychotic
An Open Label Trial of C-1073 (Mifepristone) for Psychotic Major Depression
Adequacy of Antidepressant Treatment After Discharge and the Occurrence of Suicidal Acts in Major Depression: A Prospective Study
Association Between Antidepressant Prescribing and Suicide in Australia, 1991-2000: Trend Analysis
Lines of Evidence on the Risks of Suicide With Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
A Comparison of the Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerability of Divalproex Sodium and Olanzapine in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
Ziprasidone in the Treatment of Acute Bipolar Mania: A Three-Week, Placebo-controlled, Double-blind, Randomized Trial
Testosterone Gel Supplementation for Men With Refractory Depression: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial
Outcomes of Prenatal Antidepressant Exposure
Birth Outcomes After Prenatal Exposure to Antidepressant Medication
Perinatal Outcome Following Third Trimester Exposure to Paroxetine
Risk Factors for the Development of Lithium-Induced Polyuria
Use of Antidepressant Medications and the Possible Association With Breast Cancer Risk: A Review
Factors Associated With Patients' Knowledge of and Attitudes Towards Treatment With Lithium
Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) for Major Depressive Episodes: One Year Outcomes
The Long-term Outcome of a Benzodiazepine Discontinuation Programme in Depressed Outpatients
Efficacy and Safety of Hydroxyzine in the Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A 3-Month Double-blind Study
American Attitudes Toward and Willingness to Use Psychiatric Medications
Memantine in Moderate-to-Severe Alzheimer's Disease
Impact of Over-the-Counter Sales on Effectiveness of Pharmaceutical Aids for Smoking Cessation