Autonomy, Belongingness, and Engagement in School as Contributors to Adolescent Psychological Well-Being
The Role of Youth's Ratings of the Importance of Socially Supportive Behaviors in the Relationship Between Social Support and Self-Concept
The Link between Competitive Sport Participation and Self-concept in Early Adolescence
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A School-Level Analysis of Adolescent Extracurricular Activity, Delinquency, and Depression
School Engagement Among Urban Adolescents of Color
Developmental Changes in Adolescents' Perceptions of Relationships with Their Parents
The Significance of Reciprocal and Unilateral Friendships for Peer Victimization in Adolescence
Individual Characteristics and the Multiple Contexts of Adolescent Bullying
Coping Styles and Sex Differences in Depressive Symptoms and Delinquent Behavior
R.A. Buford, Living Through the Hoop