Evaluation of the dust and methanol extracts ofGarcinia kolaefor the control ofCallosobruchus maculatus(F.) andSitophilus zeamais(Mots)

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Insecticidal effects of different doses of the dust and methanol extracts of Garcinia kolae on Collosobruchus maculatus and Sitophilus zeamais were tested. The dust had no significant effect on the two insects; none of them died even at 3 d after treatment. The methanol extracts, however, had rapid lethal effects on both C. maculatus and S. zeamais. The mortality of C. maculatus by the lowest concentration of methanol extracts ranged from 95%˜100% whereas in S. zeamais, the mortality ranged from 87.5%˜100% and 70%˜100% in concentrations of 1 g extract+3 ml methanol and 1 g extract+5 ml methanol, respectively, from 24 to 48 h. The least concentration of 1 g extract+15 ml methanol had no significant lethal effect on Sitophilus zeamais.

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