Bed expansion behavior and sensitivity analysis for super-high-rate anaerobic bioreactor
Electricity generation and brewery wastewater treatment from sequential anode-cathode microbial fuel cell
A facile synthesis of 2-aryloxypyrimidine derivatives via a tandem reductive amination/intermolecular SNAr sequence
Sodium tetrachloroaurate(III) dihydrate-catalyzed efficient synthesis of 1,5-benzodiazepine and quinoxaline derivatives
Molecular characterization and infectivity of Papaya leaf curl China virus infecting tomato in China
A biologically inspired model for pattern recognition
Distributions of HLA-A and -B alleles and haplotypes in the Yi ethnic minority of Yunnan, China
Nicotinamide N -methyltransferase protein expression in renal cell cancer
Quantitative profiles of the mRNAs of ER-α and its novel variant ER-α36 in breast cancers and matched normal tissues